Back in March 2013, I purchased an HP Pavilion G6 laptop with Windows 8 preinstalled.  A couple days ago on 29 October, I installed the upgrade to Windows 8.1.  Of course, it did not go smoothly.  Below are some of the problems I experienced and solutions (if found yet).

  • Cannot connect to the Internet through the wired Ethernet connection
  • Cannot connect to the Internet through the Wifi connection
  • Wifi light (on F12 key) always stays on (blue/white) even when wifi is off
  • Cannot join the Windows Homegroup I have set up in my house
  • It renamed my Administrator account
  • ?


The network and Homegroup problems went away after I uninstalled and reinstalled my security package.  In my case, Norton Internet Security 2013.

Google’ing for the answer, the Wifi light problem appears to be related to an outdated Bluetooth driver for my Ralink Bluetooth adapter.  I tried updating it in Device Manager, but Windows says it’s already got the latest driver.  Hmmm.  Then selected “Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Adapter” from the list of Network Adapters in Device Manager, right-clicked, and selected “Update Driver Software…” from the pop-up menu.   Windows installed a new driver.  Restarted Windows 8.1.  Nada.

I had to rename my Administrator account back to what it was before the upgrade, and change the password.  The Windows 8.1 installer had prompted me for my Microsoft SkyDrive information, and used that for my Administrator account name and password.  Thanks but no thanks.  Then it has the gall to tell me that if I rename it, I will lose my SkyDrive access, or something like that.  Seriously?  If they are trying to kill SkyDrive, then just kill.  They don’t need to anger their customers any more than they already are.  (Steve Ballmer’s already going out the door, and I’m coming to think that’s a good thing.)

I will update as I fix things.


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